Tuesday, March 27, 2012

artist statement

            I like to work with a lot of different materials when I create a piece of art. I am very new to exploring different fields, but this far I have really begun to like painting. I like drawing, but when I paint with color my personality really comes out. I like my expressionism. It doesn’t always have to be literal to be successful. It is exciting to me and bright, and light-hearted.  Every time I begin a piece of art work  I look to research and create a solid foundation. Once I have that laid in I began to add more and more color to create depth and contrast.  I want my work to express feeling and bring it out in a person, not just myself. I finally know when my art is finished when I can’t go anywhere with it and I have shown it to several people to critique it. When I know my artwork is going good, I get a feeling of pride and I want to work on it more and more. It makes me really happy when I here my family tell me that it looks amazing.  To know that I can show my personality through a piece of artwork is a good feeling to have. When people see my work, I would like them to let go of everything that has happened to them through out the day and the week and just enjoy the piece. I want them to let that art work guide their emotions. Like it does mine. 

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  1. it is really hard for me to read the text of your posts. I guess I never noticed before. Maybe I am just getting old.

    fields? maybe say materials or mediums?

    You do not have to mention drawing...just reword to talk about what you like about painting. Talk more about the process of painting as that seems to be what you are interested in at this point.

    Only your family looks at it? what if they think it is amazing but your neighbor hates it. What if your family doesnt like it but your friends and teachers do? Think about the wording there as well.