Wednesday, April 11, 2012

last lecture!! number 5!!

Britney Boswell
Artist lecture number 5!!

I attended the lecture by Jeanine Jablonski. She got her MFA from MCA. She came to Memphis in 2003 and really missed home, but she knew she couldn't go back until she built up her resume, which she did. She found that working in galleries and setting up exhibitions were much more important to her. She worked at many art galleries around Memphi, and then her hometown. She later owned her very own gallery. It was very small and she wanted to feature artists in her region. Today she has her third gallery, after leaving the other two, and she says that they are nearly done painting and it will be ready to go in the fall. In her lecture she discussed the different galleries and the many many artists that she had featured. Artists include: Nick Pitman, Nathaniel Price, Grier Edmundson (from Memphis), Matt King ( her first to ever be put on Art Forum), Nick Van Woert, Eddie Martinez, Natasha Spellman, and many more. Alto of the art works didn't astound me very much. When I found out how much one of the paintings costs, I was shocked. One painting was eight thousand dollars. For that much I would buy the artist too! But they weren't all bad there were a few that caught my eye. Bobbi Woods was a girl featured form LA. She took old advertisements and old magazine pages and remade them. In some she would take out everything, except on part of the image. for instance, i one piece she took everything out of the picture except Marlene Monroe's lips! That was interesting to me. Another artist I liked was Grier Edmundson, he did prints, painted some, and I believe he also had sculptures. I think that of all the images she showed, his artwork was some of the best. He had a good technique and I think that's what I liked about it. Altogether I think that the lecture could have been a little more exciting, but it was ok.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

paper on kim dorland

Britney Boswell

Kim Dorland

Tonight I attended the lecture by Kim Dorland. His work was full of color and I wasn't expecting it. His work almost looked like digital work to me. He took a lot of his inspiration from Canadian works and canadian landscapes. 
He started off his career telling specific stories from his personal life. He was raised way out in the middle of now where, like me, so I could relate to a lot of the things his work was about. In many of his first works he included trailers, old trucks, hangout spots for teenagers and stories that he had heard growing up. That was very interesting to me. Probably one of my favorite paintings by him wash a painting done after a hunter story he heard. The story goes, that one day there were two hunters that had argued over who had shot this one deer. The man that won the argument, late that night was drug back to the woods and killed by the other hunter. Dorland portrayed the ominous of this painting perfectly! 
As time passes he began using more and more paint and started to focus on making more portraits of his wife, and son. A lot of people in New York said that he was just portraying his wife as an object, and for the world to see. In one they said that it looked as though he was spilling out her guts all over the room. Kim made sure to clarify that he loves his wife more than anything and that is not what he wanted to come across.
Later he moved on to paint wood scenes. One of the biggest ones that he painted was eight ft. by twelve ft. There is also a video on youtube showing how he made a painting. Another very interesting painting he makes of the woods was made of graffiti. He wasn't very good at graffiti, so he hired two men to help him with the graffiti part. He then says, "my wife said all I need to do now is add a dumb deer, so I did."
To keep from becoming a sculpturer, he would buy these stuffed animals, like a deer head, moose head, and most interesting, a timber wolf. He covered these animals in graffiti art and different neon colors so that people would pay more attention to the paint and not the statue. After that he began to work with glow in the dark materials. 
Finally the last few he has worked on he put in his last exhibit. It was all about light and how the light surrounds the painting. He found out that you don't have to use more paint to make the area lighter, but thinner paint. After that he just went crazy. he made a dozen more paintings where the sun shine beamed through. He also experimented with all of the different ways to portray light. He found that it could be really soft or really sharp. It could be thick, or transparent. 
All together, I would say that Kim gave a very good lecture. He could have been a little more energetic, but other than that, his work was energetic for him. 

idea for my animation project!!

My idea for my animation project is to have one actress. My sister will be playing that role. She will be asleep drooling and very unattractive. Her clothes will come out of the closet and try to wake her up, but it doesn't work so they turn the radio onto "wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy", and she will start to open her eyes and then suddenly all of her clothes, makeup, hygene supplies, hair straightener will attack her and make her look beautiful for the day!!! =)

my first video!!