Tuesday, March 27, 2012

my project, but i may still change it up a bit

artist statement

            I like to work with a lot of different materials when I create a piece of art. I am very new to exploring different fields, but this far I have really begun to like painting. I like drawing, but when I paint with color my personality really comes out. I like my expressionism. It doesn’t always have to be literal to be successful. It is exciting to me and bright, and light-hearted.  Every time I begin a piece of art work  I look to research and create a solid foundation. Once I have that laid in I began to add more and more color to create depth and contrast.  I want my work to express feeling and bring it out in a person, not just myself. I finally know when my art is finished when I can’t go anywhere with it and I have shown it to several people to critique it. When I know my artwork is going good, I get a feeling of pride and I want to work on it more and more. It makes me really happy when I here my family tell me that it looks amazing.  To know that I can show my personality through a piece of artwork is a good feeling to have. When people see my work, I would like them to let go of everything that has happened to them through out the day and the week and just enjoy the piece. I want them to let that art work guide their emotions. Like it does mine. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

in class exquisite corpse

Just started doing painting, but I really enjoy it and this is what i want

When I work with _____________Painting________________ I am reminded that _____colors can make me change my mood___________________.

I begin a piece by _______________laying down a solid foundation to start and think about what I really want to convey for myself as well as the veiwers___________________.

I know a piece is done when ________________i have had it critiqued at least three times and I feel I can't go any other direction with it__________________.

When my work is going well, I am filled with a sense of ______________pride____________________.

When people see my work I'd like them to _____________open up and not think about what they have to do the rest of the day or what they did earlier that day, I just want them to enjoy the art work______________.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

after pictures

before pictures

before I mess around with colors

beginning of 200 wordlist

200 words for digital foundations

1.     modern
2.     literal
3.     conservative
4.     inspirational
5.     realistic
6.     can be dramatic
7.     mystical
8.     objective
9.     significant
10. can be symbolic
11. expressionistic
12. fanciful
13. attractive
14. lively
15. neat
16. spirited
17. awkward
18. crafty
19. funny
20. fun
21. irrational
22. observant
23. inventive
24. idealistic
25. decent
26. cheerful
27. sociable
28. admirable
29. ambitious
30. cautious
31. conservative
32. sometimes confident
33. enthusiastic
34. considerate
35. cultured
36. humane
37. illustrious
38. indifferent
39. moody
40. persistent
41. refined reserved
42. resourceful
43. responsive
44. saucy
45. timid
46. whimsical
47. witty.... more to come


first one, I struggled a lot with it, but I hope I am doing this right